Commercial Use License (up to 1000 items) for ALL Simple Made Pretty SVG Files

Commercial Use License (up to 1000 items) for ALL Simple Made Pretty SVG Files

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Commercial License to use Simple Made Pretty SVG files for commercial purposes. Buy this license for less than 1,000 product quantity use for all present and future designs. With this license, you can use any design from my shop, Private Digital Resource Library, or Simple Made Pretty Members, for less than 1,000 amount of products! No credit is needed for any set you buy and use with this license.

This commercial License does not come with any graphics access. You need to purchase the designs you want separately.


- One Commercial License
- Good for 1,000 products per SVG 
- Does Not Expire
- Ideal for people selling physical creations

This license allows you to use our designs commercially to create physical finished-end products without giving credit to Simple Made Pretty. It is a one-time purchase covering all of your past and future design purchases.

This license allows for up to a maximum of 1000 units, and not for Mass Production, Wholesale, or Large Retail.

For quantities exceeding 1000 copies, you need to purchase our "Mass Production License". If you require such uses, please contact us for licensing options.

You will not receive a hard copy of the license. Your receipt is your proof of purchase. Please print and save this document for your records.

Please read “ALLOWED & PROHIBITED USES” carefully via the link below. It is the buyer’s responsibility to be aware of shop rules before purchasing.